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In short Lineage2 Lost World project is a craft / pvp type LONG living server.

No custom GM shop for B/A/S exist. We have a custom Premium shop that allows players to buy epic quest items @ Giran Castle Town (Portal Stone, Floating Stone, Noble Quest Item, etc).

On this server with our relatively low rates, players must farm to create batches of gear which they will then enchant to the desired level. This is the craft aspect of the game. The PvP aspect of the game refers to multiple measures that force players to PvP for certain gains. Examples are like Grand Boss Combat Zones and the players will flag whenever they will hit a simple raid boss.

All raid bosses from 59+ level have been boosted. Stats have been increased drastically. Killing bosses means bringing the right classes and enough people. You will also need to bring escorts to protect you against enemy players. Attacking any boss will make you flag so enemy players can easily sabotage your raid. Raid bosses and epic bosses also drop the Silver/Gold currency. Relevant areas around epic bosses are turned into combat zones. In this area, killing other players is without consequence. Additionally, killing a player outside of the zone while the killer is standing in the zone, will not lead to karma or PK points.

Clans features are made like in official servers. Multiple quests need to be done and reputation must be farmed at some point. For clan reputation, raidbosses can be killed. They instantly offer clan reputation to the party dealing the final hit. Beware though, attacking any raid boss will make you flag. The Castles owners will be able use global gatekeeper function.

Basic server info

Server rates
The Quests & The Manor
» x5 Exp!
» x5 Sp!
» x5 Adena!
» x6 Spoil!
» x6 Drop!
» x2 Quest reward! (exp, adena, sp)
» x3 Quests drop!
» x2 Manor reward!


The Seven Signs
The Raid Boss Rates & Times
» x5 Seal stones!
» x3 Dimension fragments!
» x3 Ancient scrolls!
» x3 Raid boss drop!
» x2 Epic raid boss drop!
» Standard Raid Bosses 12h + 24h!


The Epics
» Queen Ant 24h + 6h
» Core 30h + 6h
» Orfen 30h + 6h
» Zaken 40h + 8h
» Baium 5d + 8h
» Antharas 8d + 8h
» Valakas 11d + 8h
» Frintezza 48h + 2h
» 7 Hours per day 18.00-01.00 GMT+0!
» The Olympiad period 2 weeks!
» 6 non-Class participation!
» 5 Class base participation!
» No 1 IP restriction!


Weapon Enchant Rates
Armor Enchant Rates
» Safe enchant +3!
» Max enchant +17!
» Simple scrolls – 60%!
» Blessed scrolls – 70%!
» Chance decrease after
+10 (like enchant skills)
» Safe enchant +3!
» Max enchant for A grade
and S grade +10!
» Max enchant for D,C,B
grades are +12!
» D,C and B armor enchant
rate is increased!

Other important info

» 1st Class - 100k adena / quest!
» 2nd Class - 2kk adena / quest!
» 3rd Class - 200kk adena / quest / donate!
» Sub Class - Quest / donate!
» Nobless Quest - Quest / donate!
» Buff Duration = 1 hour!
» Buff Slots = 22 + 4 slots from Divine Insiration Book's!
» Auto Skills! No learning required, except Divine Inspiration will need still books for this skill!
» RB's from lv 20 till lv 58 will supply brave fighters with some good quality Silver and RB's from 59+ with some GOOD Gold! There's rare items, you will be able to trade for some really vicked STUFF!
» Argument your weapon NEVER was so easy how it will be L2LW! Just double click on Life Stone, for New argumentation if you didn't like the old one or if you never add any! Yes! We are fucking serious boyz and girlz, no more money and time wasting crap ! Enjoy!
» Hard working clans who will own's A LOT of clan points will be able upgrade them apella's with NPC name Dalton, which also will provide more service for LW Coins!
» We add some Achievement NPC's, It will motivate even the laziest players to move them asses!
» Our favorites NPC's Donald and Goldman, who located at Giran Castle Town will push even the bravest fighters to the limit, for seeking the power and total annihilation for all their enemies!
» If you sick delevel yourself for AQ, Core or any other RB, Martin @ Giran Castle Town for some Adena will help you !